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tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png ZU WEIT WEG
Regie: Sarah Winkenstette
Autorin: Susanne Finken 
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png FRISCH
Regie/Autor: Damian John Harper
nach dem Roman "Fresh" von Mark McNay
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png
Regie/Autorin: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
tl_files/site_content/coming soon.png CHILDREN OF THE ICE
Regie: Stefano Lodovichi
Autoren: Isabella Aguilar, Stefano Lodovichi, Davide Orsini
in Koproduktion mit Mood Film

In 2020, the earth is covered in snow and a new Ice Age starts. In 2035 all forms of technology and communication have been lost, as have most of Earth's inhabitants. Life has regressed to a primordial stage.
In this world four orphanet teenagers leave the vally where they have grown up and start a journey in search of the promised land, the world they have never seen, our world.